Principal's Desk
  Meeting no. 1

A IQAC meeting held on 17/12/2022 at 2:30 PM. In the chairmanship of Dr. Praveen kumar (principal) The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the relevant issues and steps to be taken so as to achieve the overall development of this institution and so as to our students. We always stand for the bright career of our students. The following agenda were discussed-

1- Pros and cons of the way we are taking up to impart the education
2- How it can be made more effective.
3- Within the limiting resources of the institutional what infrastructure changes can be done.
4- Discussing the way we are accomplishing the extra curricular activities among students.
5- Other relevant issues can be discussed with the permission of the principal.

  Meeting no. 2

A meeting of all teachers was held in the college campus, smart meeting hall on 13.1.2023 at 2:30 PM in the chairmanship of the principal Dr. Praveen kumar. Among other teachers, the coordinator of IQAC committee Dr. R.C.Gupta was also present. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss, how to continuous and over all development of the institution can he achieved. The focus was on the issues in the agenda of last IQAC meeting, which was held on 17.12.2022. All the incharged of the concerning committees were asked and encouraged by the pincipal to enhance and effectively implement the student friendly. programs. The Development Committee was asked to properly observe and report his recommendation about the much needed renovation of the chemistry lab and Room no.7, Other issues discussed in the meeting were about the conduction of more, cultural activities in the current session, to activate staff club , meet of Alumni and expansion of girl's common room